FastestFox 4.3.7

Streamline your searches


  • Loads of options for searching the web
  • Very customizable


  • qLauncher still doesn't live up to its potential
  • Pop-up sometimes gets in way of searching
  • Can't refine downloads

Very good
FastestFox is back with a new version and a brand new name. Previously known as SmarterFox, the developers obviously felt that their tool adds functionality that will make searching and researching online a much faster endeavor, hence the change. Luckily for them, it does!

Version 3 of FastestFox Is just as useful as it was the last time we took a look at it. It works by adding a range of extra search functions to your browser - when you highlight a word or phrase a pop-up bubble appears with extra search options. If you click one, FastestFox will automatically search for the terms in question using the service you chose - from Twitter to YouTube and OneRiot to Bing - and display the results in a new tab.

FastestFox also allows you to download all links or images on a page in one click, although you can't pick and choose - it's all or nothing. Another nice touch is the endless page option, which allows you to view multiple results pages (on Google, for example) as one long, scrollable page. FastestFox has plenty of configuration options that will help you get the most out of the tool. The only weak point is the qLauncher, a sort of search-within-a-search option. It didn't make much of an impression last time and, unfortunately, nothing has changed.

If you do a lot of research online, FastestFox will definitely speed things up.

New in this version: Added definitions feature Minor tweaks and bugfixes


  • New in this version: Added definitions feature Minor tweaks and bugfixes

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FastestFox 4.3.7

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